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Sports for unity.

Table Tennis 2
Male and female students in a table tennis competition
ISA sports opening ceremony display by students
Invited School 11
Competition with invited schools
Fostering collaboration through soccer
Activity Period: 29/01/24 - 10/02/24

Relevant SDG(s):
1. SDG 3 - Good health and well-being. Sports promote physical activity and overall health.
2. SDG 5 - Gender Equality. This project promotes gender equality by encouraging participation in sports for all genders, breaking stereotypes and fostering inclusivity.
3. SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and strong institutions. This project Sports for unity aim to use sports to foster teamwork, respect, and understanding among participants, contributing to peaceful and inclusive societies.
4. SDG 17 - Partnerships for the goals. This project fosters teamwork, understanding and collaboration through sports, contributing to global partnership for a sustainable future.

Subject Areas: ICT, Citizenship, Physics, History, Media studies, Science, Physical and Health education, Sociology
Class: (Ages 11 - 17) Grade 7 (100), Grade 8 (130), Grade 9 (120), Grade 10 (100), Grade 11 (100), Grade 12 (50),
Number of Students: 600
Teacher Responsible: Mr Olasedidun Taiwo. Other members of staff involved: Mr Adewunmi, Mr Esau Nsikkak, Mr Olaniran Olaoluwa

Activity Description:
1. Students carried out research on sporting activities in different parts of the world and made a PowerPoint presentation of their findings to the whole school. They also considered factors that cause conflict and proffer solutions on how to mitigate them. (This was done in the form of a talk show)
2. Students organized a conference to sensitize the school community on the importance of games and sports in promoting global peace.
3. Students (Boys and Girls) engaged in some indoor and outdoor games in the form of a competition to promote gender parity, understanding, and collaboration
4. Three neighbouring schools, Covenant University Secondary School, Ota, Dalos High School, Ota, and The Bells Secondary School were invited to be part of our ‘sports for unity’ activity to foster collaboration and unity. They three schools participated in the track and field events.

  1. identify different geographical areas where conflicts are common.
  2. make a list of sporting activities that may be used to foster peace and collaboration.
  3. sensitize members of the community on how sport can be used to foster peace and unity
  4. engage (male and Female) in a friendly sport competition to foster inclusion and collaboration.
Evaluation Evidence:
Photographs, students' report, Teachers' report and video clips.

This activity broadens students' world view by exposing them to different cultures and conflict situations. It encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills as students analyze the causes of conflict and explore solutions. Additionally, by presenting their findings in a talk show format, students gain valuable public speaking experience and learn to communicate complex ideas effectively. This activity has the potential to inspire student involvement in peacebuilding initiatives through sports in the future

ISA Young Person Activity Evaluation Forms, ISA Parent and Guardian Evaluation Forms & ISA Teacher Evaluation Forms

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