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International School Award (ISA) Coordinator's Experience

Driving the ISA in our school was an uphill task albeit very rewarding. Saddled with the task of selecting capable hands from our work force to work in the ISA committee, the coordinator engaged her critical thinking skills to make this all-important decision. Having set up the committee, the brainstorming sessions that brought about the seven projects commenced. Having to work with a group of people with mixed abilities was herculean! Notwithstanding, everybody's strength needed to be harnessed for a successful outing.
There were several 'Wow' moments for us in the committee and then came those grueling moments when we felt like quitting. All our projects were a hit of some sort, and we were happy to celebrate at the end of every project. Collaborating with an Indian school was exhilarating with us making virtual trips to India via Zoom; the importance of digital literacy became all too glaring during the ISA race.

Getting everyone to buy into the ISA vision is indeed an experience not to forget. 'Is this a new club in the school or another co-curricular activity?' Of course, the tension needed to be defused any time this kind of questions arose. Budgeting and defending your budgets for projects were other skills acquired. Gradually, ISA is on the lips of most members of our school community. Great!

Compiling the portfolio of work; Hmm! This is were the real work is. We sincerely hope we have done all that is needed of us at this all-important stage. The ISA journey for this cycle is mind blowing as it is exerting but everyone will be the better for it.

As a teacher and administrator, this is one experience that i adjudge as having impacted positively on all members of our school community: we laughed, we fought, we disagreed, and we eventually came to agree.